Bech, Jørgen

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Born 1731-10-25 in Bech in Northern Jutland near Sæby. Died 1816-4-11. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:1 & 212)

Father: Bech, Jørgen Thomasen, a farmer. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:1)

Son: Bech, Marcus Christian 1787-1875, merchant.

1743 - Arrived in Copenhagen. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:2)

1750 - Travelled to China as a scribe for the DAC, but the ship stranded in Göteborg. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:2)

1751 - Left for China again on a new ship. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:3)

1756-12-13 - Married Fielstrup, Anna Elisabeth, born in Haderslev in 1729. Later citizenship as tea- and porcelain trader and rented a house in Nyhavn. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:3)

1764 - Founded the merchant House of Jørgen Bech & Co with Bärentz, Daniel Hendrik, who moved in with him. Received citizenship as merchant and timber trader in Copenhagen. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:4)

1765-11-11 - Became Grosserer in Copenhagen, trading with Chinese and East Indian goods in the House of Skibsted & Beck. Also deals in Speculations- og Commissionshandel. (Holck: Dannemarcks Handels=Speil 1766:67)

1775-8-30 - His oldest daugther Bech, Ane Maria married Holbech, Jens. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:5)

1792-1817 - Part of the board of Sø-Assurance Kompagniet as ‘’Kommitteret ved policernes ekspedition”. (Thorsen: Sø-Assurance Kompagni 1726-1926:525)

1801 - The Chinese room in his house in Toldbodgade was painted over. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:46)

1801 - Member of the social clubs "Kongens Klub" and "Kronprindsen" in Copenhagen. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:50)

1804 - Decisor in Asiatisk Kompagni. Took part in the farewell dinners onboard the ships before each departure to China with his son. Bought tea at the DAC auctions. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:65)

1821-1846 - Part of the board of Sø-Assurance Kompagniet as Kommitteret ved policernes ekspedition. Mentioned as Grosserer. (Thorsen: Sø-Assurance Kompagni 1726-1926:525)

Jørgen Bech allegedly had several business dealings with Wasserfall, Peter 2 with whom he also shared a theatre box (no. 13 on the second floor) (Bech 1910, 29)

He was also one of the suppliers of bottomry loans and goods for sailors going to China, which often took the shape of bottled wine (Bech 1910, 65)