Bornowsky, Joan

From Business Encyclopedia of the Oldenburg Monarchy
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Born 1711 in Danzig. (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.149 & 254)

Mid 18th century - Took over as Bogholder of DAC after Lund, Morten. (Klem 1985, I:66)

1747 - Freemason in Copenhagen. (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.149)

1765 - Master of the Freemason lodge Zorobabel strictæ oberservantiæ. (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.232)

1773 - at the revision of DAC, 152,886 rigsdaler was found missing from the company. The negligence of Bogholder Bornowsky was blamed. (Carl Bruun: Kjøbenhavn, III:444)

1779 - November 29. Together with Iselin, Reinhard and others (who served as diretors of DAC in the period 1765-1766), Bornowsky is required by the supreme court to pay the amount of 11.166 rigsdaler to the present-day diretors of Asiatisk Kompagni, as a settelment in a dispute bewtween former and present directors. (De Aalborsk alene priviligerede efterretninger).