Colsmann, Peter

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Perhaps related to the merchants Colsmann, Johan Conrad, freemason (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.159), born 1725, or Colsmann, Röttger 1735-1816. (Reitzel 1897:21) Or to Hans Heinrich Colsmann, who was a priest of the German congregation at Reformert Kirke 1771-1790 (Wikipedia).

1760- Member of the Freemason lodge De tre brændende Hjerter in Copenhagen under the name Johan Peter. (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.285)

1760 - Listed under the name Johan Peter as owner of a house on Amagertorv, where the Freemason lodge De tre brændende Hjerter held their meetings. (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.277)

1763-3-8 - Listed in the DAC Roll Books as Assistent onboard the DAC ship DRONNING JULIANA MARIA headed for Canton. (DAC Roll Books - RA)