Diston, John

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Born 1732. (Public Census 1787)

British captain and merchant, traded in Chinese and East Indian goods. Offered lodgings for captain doing business in Elsinore.(Helsingør Leksikon)

Wife: Smith, Rassel, born 1736. (Public Census 1787)


Daughter: Diston, Bessie (Public Census 1787)


1775 - Citizenship in Elsinore (Helsingør Leksikon)

1790 - Builds a country house at Højstrup, west of Elsinore. Grows corn and breeds rabbits. (Website of Højstrupgård)

1790's - the House of Diston & Son went bankrupt, and John Diston fled abroad and his son, Diston, John Smith was arrested. Later, the matter was settled, and Diston returned. (Norrie: Briterne i Helsingør omkring 1801, p. 63)

1801 - Lived in Stengade 41 in Elsinore. Romums, Elisabeth, the mother-in-law of his son also stayed here. (Helsingør Leksikon)