Haste, Johan Henrik

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Johan Henrik Haste, painted around 1766 by Peter Wichmann. Photo: Maritime Museum of Denmark.
The painted target of Johan Henrik Haste for Det Kongelige Danske Skydeselskab, painted around 1791 by Willerup, F.C.. Photo: Maritime Museum of Denmark.

Born around 1738. (FT 1787)

Second wife: Haste, Lovise, born around 1759 (FT 1787)

Son: Haste, Jacob Alexander (FT 1787)

Daughters: Haste, Maria Magdalene and Haste, Hinette Lovise (FT 1787)

1785 - Followed With, Jesper Pedersen as Overekvipagemester at DAC until 1795. Was succeded by Nørager, Morgens Jensen. (Klem 1985, I:66)

1791 - Donated a painted target to Det kongelige Kjøbenhavnske Skydeselskab. (Drawing of target at Maritime Museum of Denmark, see below)