Holmsted, Frederik

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Born 14.11.1683 on Brolykkegaard, Magleby Sogn, Langeland, died 12.6.1758, buried five days later from Vor Frelser. (Priv. geneal. site)

Father: Holmsted, Christian Jonsen (1635-1713) (Priv. geneal. site)

Mother: Krag, Karen Hansdatter (1644-1724) (Priv. geneal. site)

Daugthers: Holmsted, Karen Krag Frederiksdatter; Holmsted, Johanne (married Feddersen, Frantz 1732-5-14); Holmsted, Maria; Holmsted, Mette & Holmsted, Iver Sophia.

Sons: Holmsted, Peder; Holmsted, Christen; Holmsted, Thomas; Holmsted, Frederik 2; Holmsted, Johan Frederik & Holmsted, Ferdinand Anton. (Clemmensen 1980: 148 & Priv. geneal. site)

1708 - Employed as Bogholder of Vestindisk-Guineisk Kompagni. (Gøbel, 2015, p. 55)

1709 - Employed as Bogholder of Ostindisk Kompagni. (Gøbel, 2015, p. 55)

1710 - Married Fischer, Mette Thomasdatter in Nykøbing Falster. (BioLek I). Other source says they married 1710-8-27 in Vor Frelsers Kirke. (Priv. geneal. site)

1716 - Granted royal priviledge to print cotton on Zealand, i.e. monopoly (BioLek I)

1716 - Started a cotton printing factory in Frederiksberg. (Gøbel, 2015, p. 55)

1720 - Married Brinck, Martha (BioLek I)

1726-3-1 - Applied the king for permission to found Søassurancekompagniet in Copenhagen. (Thorsen: Sø-Assurance Kompagni 1726-1926:59)

1726-1729 - Part of the board of Sø-Assurance Kompagniet as ‘’Kommitteret ved policernes ekspedition”. Mentioned as Bogholder. (Thorsen: Sø-Assurance Kompagni 1726-1926:523)

1728 - Hovedparticipant in Vestindisk-Guineisk Kompagni. (Gøbel, 2015, p. 55)

1730 - Director for Asiatisk Kompagni till 1743. (Thaarup 1824:50)

1733 - Director for the Vestindisk-Guineisk Kompagni. Was part of the plans and execution of purchasing St. Croix. Made Vice Mayor of Copenhagen (BioLek I)

1734 - Mayor of Copenhagen (BioLek I)

1735 - Director of the sugar refinery of Vestindisk-Guineisk Kompagni. (Gøbel, 2015, p. 55)

1736-1-7 - Assessor in Kommercekollegiet (Bro-Jørgensen: Kommercekollegiet 1735-1816, p. 22)

1736 - Kommitteret in Kommercekollegiet. (Gøbel, 2015, p. 55)

1737 - Justitsraad (BioLek I)

1738 - Etatsraad (BioLek I)

1738 - Joined Det kongelige Kjøbenhavnske Skydeselskab. (Jensen 1904:66)

1747 - Director for the Almindelige Handelskompagni (BioLek I)

1754 - The royal priviledge to print cotton was revoked or re-purchased by the king. This was following a complaint from Iselin, Reinhard who complained that the quality of the cottons printed at Holmsted's print workshop was too poor (Bruun, Kjøbenhavn) (Danske Tekstilerhverv I)

Allegedly, Holmsted was, as one of the only ones, against the general policy to invite foreign nationals to aid the manufacturing industries (BioLek III)