House of Jørgen Bech & Co

From Business Encyclopedia of the Oldenburg Monarchy
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1764 - Founded by Bech, Jørgen with Bärentz, Daniel Hendrik, who moved in with him. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:4)

1771 - Bought 5 shares á 100 rigsdaler in a new free harbour project in Copenhagen. (Schovelin 1900, 2, p. 106)

1802 - Dealt with the Copenhagen trading houses of: (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:58)

1804 - Sold goods, especially red wine as Bodmerie to the crews of the DAC ships to China - a practice that went on for many years. Usually with a value of between 3 and 1000 rigsdaler pr crew member. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:65)

1804 and more - Several orders from Danzig, Rostock, Stettin as well as the House of J.G. Preusser from Leipzig of tea, sugar, syrup, coffee, whale oil, colour wood etc. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:67)

1805-10-22 - Jørgen Bech liquidated his company, which toook about a year. (Bech: En Kjøbenhavnsk Grosserers, 1910:71)