Tutein, Peter

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Born 1726-10-11 in Mannheim, died 1799-12-7. (Patr. Slægter 1:340). Also referred to as Pierre Tutein (Tutein genealogical table by Lise Julie Tutein, Royal Library)


Son: Tutein, Johann Friderich (9 December 1757 - 6 March 1853)

Daughter: Pauline Lucia Tutein (1761-1827) whose partial diary can be found in the Royal Library collection (Lise Julie Tutein, Royal Library). Her journal mentions what was likely the daughters of Frölich and Duntzfelt.

1748 - Came to Copenhagen (Patr. Slægter 1:340) Moved from Mannheim to Copenhagen. (Steenberg, Reformert Kirke, p. 15)

1756 - Married (2nd marraige) to Rath, Pouline Marie (1725-1799). (Patr. Slægter 1:340)