House of Fabritius & Wever

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The merchant house of Fabritius & Wever was founded around 1740 by Fabritius, Michael and his relative Wever, Johann Friederich

The company acquired Grønnegaard Harbour about 1740, where several ships for the company trade was build. (Marcussen)

1771 - Bought 6 shares á 100 rigsdaler in a new free harbour project in Copenhagen. (Schovelin 1900, 2, p. 106)

1772 - Agreed to send two ships to the West Indies immediately with aid after a hurricane in return for a rpize and freedom for taxes for the ships. (Schovelin, 1900, 2, p. 151)

1776 - Built several ships, Jagter, Hukkerter, Fløjter as well as a Pinkskib and a Snau for the North Atlantic trade. (Klem 1985, I:174)