Grodtschilling, Frederik

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The coat of arms of Frederik Grodtschilling

Born 17 february 1731 in Copenhagen. Died 14 January 1792 in Copenhagen (private geneaology site)


Marriage: 1st marriage on 11 october 1760 in Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen to Precher, Suzanne Marie (1740-1768), 2nd marriage on 29 April 1772 in Sct. Maria Kirke in Elsinore to Lütken, Frederikke Louise (1747-1814) (private geneaology site)

Children: Grodtschilling, Susanne Marie who married Peschier, Pierre (Eichel, Svundne Tider)

1740 - Kadet ref. (private geneaology site)

1742 - Virk. kadet (private geneaology site)

1750 - Sekondløjtnant (private geneaology site)

1755 - Premierløjtnant (private geneaology site)

1760 - Kaptajnløjtnant, nest in command on the ship HVIDE ØRN (private geneaology site)

1763 - Kaptajn (private geneaology site)

1764 - Boss on the patrolship SAMSØE "Samsøe" (private geneaology site)

1765 - Boss on the patrolship SUNDET (private geneaology site)

1768-80 - On a committee regarding construction? (private geneaology site)

1770 - Kommandørkaptajn (private geneaology site)

1772 - Listed as subscribent, i.e. contributor, to a reprint of Ludvig Holberg’s comic epos Peder Paars, where he is listed as "captain ved sø-etaten" (Holberg, Peder Paars, 1772)

1773 - Boss of the frigate for kadetter? (private geneaology site)

1777 - Sailed to Algier on board the DANNEBROG (private geneaology site)

1780-89 - Interrim head of the orlogsværftet in Frederiksvern (private geneaology site)

1784 - Ennobled (18 June) (private geneaology site)

1790 - Member of admiralitetskollegiet and kommissariatskollegiet, made kontreadmiral (private geneaology site)

1791 - Boss of the second division (private geneaology site)