Colsmann, Johan Conrad

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Born 1725 (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.159)

Freemason (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.159)

1766 - Listed as doing Vexel=, Specualtions= og Commissions=Handel. (Holck: Dannemarcks Handels=Speil 1766:77)

1772 - Listed as subscribent, i.e. contributor, to a reprint of Ludvig Holberg’s comic epos Peder Paars, where a Mr. Johan Colsman is listed as "Merchant in Copenhagen" (Holberg, Peder Paars, 1772)

1784 - Listed as subscriber to a German handbook of merchants in Europe. (Handbuch der Kaufleute: oder Allgemeine Übersicht und Beschreibung etc, 1784)