Duntzfelt, Christian Wilhelm

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Christian Wilhelm Duntzfelt

Born 1762-9-8 in Negapatnam, close to Tranquebar. (Werner 1927, p. 7)

Died October 20th 1809 in Paris. Buried at the Pére-Lachaise Cemetary (Werner 1927, p. 117 & 236)

Father: Düntzfeld, Johann Friedrich, mother: Kröckel, Anna Abigael.

Half brother: Duntzfelt, Henrik (Werner 1927, p. 223)

Half sisters: Düntzfeld, Catarina and Düntzfeld, Elisabeth (Werner 1927, p. 223)

Sons: Duntzfelt, William Frederik, Duntzfelt, Fritz and Duntzfelt, Johan Christian (Werner 1927, p. 225)

Daughters: Duntzfelt, Marie-Anne, Duntzfelt, Cecilie Olivia, Duntzfelt, Mathilde Pauline, Duntzfelt, Emma Abigael and Duntzfelt, Henriette Louise (Werner 1927, p. 225 & 235)

1791: Married to Coninck, Marie Henriette de. Separated in March 1804. (Werner 1927, p. 233)

1771 Travelled to Copenhagen for an European upbringing, but returned a few months later along with his later close friend Pingel, Johan Christian as well as Wuldam, Jens, both employed by Asiatisk Kompagni. (Werner 1927, p. 8)

1774 Hired as reserve assistant in Tranquebar (Werner 1927, p. 8)

1776 Employed at the trading post at Frederiksnagor (Werner 1927, p. 7)

1776 - Was taken under the wing of Bie, Ole (BioLek III)

1780 Appointed Kopist at Frederiksnagor. (Werner 1927, p. 10)

1782 Partner in the trading House of Duntzfelt, Bloom & Kierulff in Frederiksnagor. (Werner 1927, p. 10)

1784 - Sent his first shipments of goods to Copenhagen from India (www.jmarcussen.dk)

1788 Arrived in Copenhagen, where he met several grand merchants such as Coninck, Frédéric de, his brother Coninck, Jean de, Pingel, William and Reiersen, Niels Lunde (Werner 1927, p. 12)

1790 Arrived in Frederiksnagor, but left soon after for Copenhagen due to his poor health. (Werner 1927, p. 13)

1791 Manager and partner in Østersøiske-Guineiske Handelsselskab. (Werner 1927, p. 19)

1791 Joined Det kongelige Kjøbenhavnske Skydeselskab. Donated a painted target in 1792, showing a palm tree and the text Natura Bene-O. (Gram-Andersen & Fønss, 2014:268)

1794 Joined the freemason lodge Zorobabel til Nordstjernen. (Werner 1927, p. 222)

1795 Citizenship as Grosserer, whole-sale merchant (Werner 1927, p. 36)

1796 The House of Duntzfelt & Co takes over after the dissolution of the House of Duntzfelt, Meyer & Co. (Werner 1927, p. 34)

1796 Chosen as director of Asiatisk Kompagni at the general assembly March 30th. (Werner 1927, p. 36)

1797 Assults DAC director Fix, Johan Leonhard during a meeting about possible smuggling by Duntzfelt and his former partner Meyer, Hans Jørgen, both directors are later fined. After this incident, Duntzfelt quits as director of the DAC. (Werner 1927, p. 39)

1800 - Director at "the bank" (perhaps Kurantbanken, or a Sparekasse?) (Rasch, VGT 7, 118)


In 1804, Duntzfelt purchased the property "Ordruphøj" in Ordrup, North of Copenhagen (sortefortid.dk) and the website of the modern day borough of Gentofte

Also owned Dehns Palæ at some point c. 1787 (Andersen & Ladegaard, Kampen om de danske slaver, 103)

Member of Den engelske klub, the most highly esteemed club for gentlemen in Copenhagen. (Werner 1927, p. 222)

Lived in Amaliegade 24. (Werner 1927, p. 223)

An overview of his ships is available at Marcussen.

An person simply listed as "Captain Duntzfelt" was the captain on an unnamed ship coming in from India in 1805 (DNA: Kommercekollegiet, Ostindisk dags sekretariat (370): Protokol over udgående og hjemkomne skibe mm. 1797, no. 2051).