Fix, Johan Leonhard

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Born 1735-12-28, baptised in the Dutch church in Hanau near Frankfurt 1736-1-1. Died 1807-2-2. (PHT 1936:1)

1767 - First employed at the DAC. (PHT 1936:2)

1767 - His name listed in the DAC Rollbooks as travelling to Trankebar and the Bengal onboard the DAC ship CRON PRINCEN AF DANEMARK. Listed as "bogholder", bookkeeper. (DAC roll books).

1770-1772 - Opperhoved for the factory at Frederiksnagore. First appointment ended on 4 september, at which point Bie, Ole took over as opperhoved (Larsen, De Dansk Ostindiske Koloniers historie 2, bilag 1).

1771 - Married to Henckel, Anthonetta Maria in Frederiksnagore. She was the widow of Henckel, Hermann Fredericks, merchant of DAC and Oberhoved at Frederiksnagore. (PHT 1936:3)

1772-1773 - Once again opperhoved at Frederiksnagore (Larsen, De Dansk Ostindiske Koloniers historie 2, bilag 1)

1776 - Fired from Asiatisk Kompagni. (PHT 1936:7)

1776 - Partered with Fenwick, John for private trade and shipping in India. They owned five ships at one time. The partnership ended in court after disagreements. (PHT 1936:7)

1783-12-7 - His snau is reported to have arrived in Canton, loaded with opium and with Kall, Peter as trader onboard. (RA: DAC Copenhagen: Letters from Canton 1783-12-7)

1783 - Partnered with La Beaume, Melchoir, a Frenchman living in Tranquebar. The partnership ended in court after disagreements. (PHT 1936:7)

1787 - Returned to Copenhagen. (PHT 1936:18)

1789 - Bought a house in Amaliegade, present-day no. 13. (PHT 1936:18)

1791 - Elected Director of Asiatisk Kompagni. Kept this post until 1805. (PHT 1936:18-20)

1794 - Gave 2000 rigsdaler to the rebuilding of Christiansborg. (PHT 1936:20)

1798 - Involved in a court case with Duntzfelt about a disagreement about taxation due to origin of a set of nanquin textiles (i.e. whether they were from China or Bengal) (Fix, 1800)

1811 - His estate was totalled at 381,606 rigsdaler. (PHT 1936:23)