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or Freuchen (?)

Possibly the J. H. Fröchen, who is mentioned as secretary for Det nyttige Selskab in Bergen in a source at the Royal Library from the period 1773-1787 (KB, Håndskriftssamlingen, Værk ID: NKS 1581 o kvart). This small archive includes a small amount of communication, as well as "præmie", i.e. premiums paid out (or in?) to members of the society. This is linked to various types of production.

Possible connection to the family based in Arendal, Norway that included one Roosen, Hermann Freuchen (2.2.1749 - 9.2.1829) who may have been his son? This Roosen was commerceraad and merchant in Arendal, Norway

"Frøchen" supplies silver to Asiatic Company expeditions (Glamann, 1947)