House of Pingel, Meyer & Prætorius

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Copenhagen-based merchant house. Partnership between Pingel, William; Meyer? and Prætorius, Jeppe (www.jmarcussen). Presumably Duntzfelt, Christian Wilhelm was also involved somehow?

Timeline ? - House of Pingel, Meyer & Prætorius was established in Copenhagen.

1787-1788 - Following the end of østersøisk-guineisk selskab the merchant house of Pingel, Meyer & Prætorius were convinced to take over and direct the Danish trade on the west coast of Africa, in Guinea. This meant that the merchant house took part in the slave trade to the West Indies. Following the 1791 Commission that was to ban the slave trade made the merchant house and their engagement in West Africa disintegrate somewhat quickly (Bruun III, 818). Coninck, Frédéric de was a sleeping partner (

1803 - By this time (and earlier), this merchant house came to be known as House of Duntzfelt, Meyer & Co following the death of Pingel, William. He had been the son in law of Coninck, Frédéric de, who was essentially the money behind this company ( - Duntzfelt)