Wasserfall, Johan Heinrich

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Wasserfall's house (red) next to Becker's house. On the roof of Wasserfall's house, two dragons spewed the rain wate from the roof onto the street. Rach & Eegberg, 1749, The National Museum
The Wasserfall family at their 25-year wedding anniversery, 1742-2-10. (Bech 1981)

Son: Wasserfall, Peter (Strømstad 1977, p. 70)

1731-32 - Built a house on Købmagergade, with Lange, Philip as achitect. The house had a shop on the ground floor. (Strømstad 1977, p. 70)

1749 - Freemason in the Zorobabel lodge in Copenhagen. (Bugge: Det danske Frimureries Historie, p.256)

Quite possibly Johann Hendrich Wasserfall, who had a house (possibly including a seperate warehouse and/or a shop) next to Becker, Gotfried's house in Købmagergade (KB, Ny Kgl. Samling S. Nr. 386 t Folie). The house of Wasserfall is also known from a painting by Eckersberg (?) (VMM)

From Wads Sedler, we know the following of Johan Heinrich Wasserfall: "Johan Heinrich Wasserfall D. D. Agneta Catharina Wasserfall 1746 on 10 October came from Braunschweig (Germany) now dead, from (von) Christina Puttmann "so dass zeitliche", 1744, 28 December dis-danmark

Possibly this Johan Heinrich Wasserfall fathered the cloth merchant Wasserfall, Peter, who owned a house in Amagertorv no. 11 from 1799-1802 (Matrikel no. 45, in Strand Kvarter) Københavns Historie Website & indenforvoldene.dk

unknown merchant or merchant house: House of Wasserfall & Co