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Born 1734, died 1810, both in Copenhagen. (Klem 1985, II:107)

Father: Hemert, Joost van (Halding 1969, p. 46)

Mother: Mestecker, Petronelle (Halding 1969, p. 46)

Stepbrother: Behagen, Gysbert

Son: Hemert, Jost Johan van (BioLek I)

Joined his fathers company early in life. (BioLek I)

1763 - Appointed Agent med Justitsraads Rang. (BioLek I)

1763 - Married Fabritius, Charlotte, daugther of Fabritius, Michael. (Halding 1969, p. 46)

1767 - Married Hooglant, Agathe, daughter of Hooglant, Simon, in Reformert Kirke. (BioLek I)

1772-1781 - Owned 50 shares of Asiatisk Kompagni. (BioLek I)

1772 - Listed as subscribent, i.e. contributor, to a reprint of Ludvig Holberg’s comic epos Peder Paars, where he is listed as "agent" (so it could in fact also be his father, but this is uncertain) (Holberg, Peder Paars, 1772)

1776 - Appointed Etatsraad. (BioLek I)

1777 - Director of Asiatisk Kompagni. (Hof&Stat)

1806 - House of van Hemert & Co. went bankrupt (Venborg Pedersen, 307)