Behagen, Gysbert

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Behagens etate in Strandgade 26 in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. The estate was rebuilt by him im 1769. (Elling, 1943)

Born 8.3.1725 in Hamburg. Died 17.12.1783 in Copenhagen, buried at the German Reformist Church in Gothersgade, Copenhagen.

Father: Behagen, Anthony (1687-1727)

Mother: Mestecker, Petronelle Elisabeth (1703-1778), who was married for the second time to Hemert, Joost van

Setpbrother: Hemert, Peter van 2

Marriages: 9.4.1755 at the German Reformist Church in Copenhagen, to Wasserfall, Elisabeth Gertrud (1.4.1731-9.4.1797) who was the daughter of Wasserfall, Johan Heinrich (?-1748) and Lomberg, Catharina (?-1750) (BibLek II)

Son: Behagen, Joost Johan (1756-1824), merchant and Freemason. (Ritzau: Zorobabel og Frederik 1882)

1760: On the basis of his companionship with his stepdad, van Hemert, Joost in the merchant house Joost v. H. og Sønner, Behagen was made whole-sale merchant, Grosserer in Copenhagen (BibLek II)

1760: Etatsraad with the rank of Justitsraad (BioLek II)

1761: Main participant in Asiatisk Kompagni (BioLek II)

1764: In his estate at Strandgade 6, Copenhagen (close to Asiatisk Kompagni warehouse and dock), he established a sugar refinery (BioLek II)

1765: Bancokommisær (BioLek II)

1766 - Banco=Kommissair of Kurantbanken. (Holck: Dannemarcks Handels=Speil 1766:58)

1766 - Listed as owning a sugar refinery in Christianshavn. (Holck: Dannemarcks Handels=Speil 1766:47)

1766 - Revisores in Almindeligt Handelskompagni. (Holck: Dannemarcks Handels=Speil 1766:56)

1769 - Director of Asiatisk Kompagni

1771-1779 - Part of the board of Sø-Assurance Kompagniet as ‘’Kommitteret ved policernes ekspedition”. Mentioned as Agent. (Thorsen: Sø-Assurance Kompagni 1726-1926:524)

1772 - Remained a director of the Asiatisk Kompagni, and was a key participant in the internal debates in the company regarding setting the India trade free. On the basis of Behagens participations in these debates, where he argued in favour of keeping a monopoly trade, he was excluded from his post as director (BioLek II)

1772 - Listed as subscribent, i.e. contributor, to a reprint of Ludvig Holberg’s comic epos Peder Paars (Holberg, Peder Paars, 1772)

1776 - Etatsraad (?) BioLek II)

1782 - Enobled (BioLek II)

Strandgade 6, Copenhagen (BibLek II)

The Behagen family immigrated to the Danish West Indies, where the surname still can be found today (BibLek II)