Herbst, Frederikke Christiane

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Frederikke Christiane Herbst. Copperplate by Anders Ole Flint (The Royal Library, Copenhagen)

(20.03.1772-08.01.1831) (Royal Library) Born c. 1760 (she was 17 years old when the Copenhagen census of 1787 was produced) (Copenhagen census 1787)

Father: Herbst, Adolph Tobias (private geneaology site)

Mother: Anna Magdalene.

Marriage: 1786, to Mourier, Peter Poul Ferdinand

Children: In 1787, the marriage was still childless (Copenhagen census 1787)

1790 - Listed as a member of the Naturhistorie=Selskabet. (Skrivter af Naturhistorie=Selskabet, 1790)

Property: In the Copenhagen census of 1787, Frederikke Christiane Herbst lived with her husband in Norgesgade. Alongside the couple lived Mouriers two children of his former marriage Mourier, Carl Adolph Dines and Mourier, Elisabeth Wilhelmine Jacobine as well as one informator, one male servant, one male kusk, one kokkepige, one stuepige, and finally, "a Malabar girl" named Mariene, who was 25 years old and unmarried in 1787 (Copenhagen census 1787)