Mourier, Peter Poul Ferdinand

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The silhout of Mourier, c. 1801 (The Royal Library, Copenhagen)

Born 1746-8-5, died in 1836-12-30 (Store Danske Encyclopædi)

Also known as Pierre Paul Ferdinand Mourier.

Father: Mourier, Jean Ferdinand, priest at the French Reformed Church in Copenhagen.

Marriage: 1st marriage to Courtonne, Elisabeth Cornelia before 1780. She passed away in 1786 (according to a private geneaology site). In 1786 he remarried, the second time to Herbst, Frederikke Christiane (Copenhagen census 1787)

Brothers: Mourier, Frédéric Moïse (1727-1803), Mourier, Paul (1730-1731), Mourier, Charles Henri (1732-1815), teacher to the crown prince Frederik (VI) and princess Louise Augusta, Mourier, Jean Daniel (1734-1750) (Patriciske Slægter I)

Sisters: Mourier, Marie (1723-1806), Mourier, Anna Louise (1725-1740), Mourier, Anna Catherine (1731-1733), Mourier, Mariane Frédérique (1736-1748), Mourier, Sophie Wilhelmine (1741-1742) (Patriciske Slægter I)

Son: Mourier, Charles Adolph Denys (1776-1859) & Mourier, Raoul Magnus (1797-1813)

Daugthers: Mourier, Elisabeth Jacobine Vilhelmine, Mourier, Anne Marie & Mourier, Adéle Térêze, who married Rømer, Ludvig Ferdinand (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 49)

Nephew: Mourier, René Pierre Francois, DAC director 1824-1836.

Friend and officer comrade: Warnstedt, Hans Wilhelm von 1743-1817 (Memoirer og Breve XV:III) Warnstedt?)

Friend and DAC colleague: Vogelsang, Frantz Wilhelm Otto

Servants and employees
Korn, Johan Georg - employed as Informator, Candidat i Theologien in 1787. (FT1787)

Hansen, Johan - man servant in 1787. (FT1787)

Johansen, Niels - coachman in 1787. (FT1787)

1757-3-9 - Landkadet. (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 33)

1762-3-10 - Fændrik at Falsters Geworbene Infanteri-Regiment. (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 33)

1763-10-19 - Appointed Second Lieutenant. (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 33)

1763 about - Second Lieutenant from Landcadetakademiet. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129)

1766-68 about - Studied latin and math at the university in Göttingen. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129)

1768-69 - Accompagnied the young king Christian VII on a voyage to England and France. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129)

1770-1-14 - Discharged from the army with the rank of captain. (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 33)

1770 - Married the daugther of a Dutch merchant living in Copenhagen. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129) His wife's name was Courtonne, Elisabeth Cornelia (Elvius & Hiort-Lorenzen, 1891, p. 197)

1770 - Accompagnied his father-in-law to Canton and Macao. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129) The merchant and supercargo Courtonne, Jaques Salomon. (Elvius & Hiort-Lorenzen, 1891, p. 197)

1770 - Listed as passenger on the DAC ship DRONNING SOPHIA MAGDALENA going to Canton along with a person named Courtonne. (DAC Roll Books)

1770 - Travelled with his wife and her maid to China.(?) (Larsen Ostindiske Personalia DK Dem. Dat.). Larsen lists this as being his later wife, Herbst, Frederikke Christiane, when Mourier was in fact married to Courtonne, Elisabeth Cornelia in 1770. Possibly this is rather referring to the later journey where she travelled to China, in 1772?

1770 about - Started learning Chinese from the Spanish Augustine Monk Sylva, Juan Rodriguez de in China. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 132)

1774-12 - Hired again as Assistent at the facory in Canton after the death of Irgens, Ferdinand Anthon. Described as "af alle de particulære Overliggere er den mest duelige". (RA: DAC Copenhagen: Letters from Canton 1774-12-12)

1779-11-26 - Listed in the DAC Roll Books as returning Supercargo onboard the DAC ship KONGEN AF DANNEMARK headed for Tranquebar & Canton. (DAC Roll Books - RA)

1780-3-11 - His wife Courtonne, Elisabeth Cornelia gave birth to a daugther onboard the DAC ship JULIANE MARIE, about halfway between Canton and Copenhagen. (Hauch-Fausbøll 1918:138)

1781 - Left DAC in Canton, replaced by Volontør Clausen, Andreas. He seemed to have signed several letters afterwards, so he must have remained in service for some time. (RA: DAC Copenhagen: Letters from Canton 1781-1-17)

1784-12-5 Described as weak after 13 years of service and by illness and to return home on the DISCO. (RA: DAC Copenhagen: Letters from Canton 1784-12-5)

1785 - Returned to Denmark. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129)

1785 - Fined 1000 Rigsdaler and dismissed from the service of Asiatisk Kompagni after having bought 13 crates of various silk worth 15,000 Rigsdaler in China for Reiersen, Niels Lunde for use in his flourishing silk factory. The matter seems to have been a long conflict between Reiersen and DAC. (Bruun: Kjøbenhavn 1901, III, p. 521)

1786 - Married Herbst, Frederikke Christiane. (Søndagen – et Tillægsblad til ”Dagen”, #9, 1837-02-26, fifth column)

1787 - Appointed member of the "fabrikdirektion", a subcommitee of the Commercial College who worked with increasing the productivity of the manufactures (Nyrop, Reiersen, p. 166-167)

1787 - Lived in Norgesgade Lit.TT, 2, Sankt Annæ Øster Kvarter (FT1787)

1790 - Listed as a member of the Naturhistorie=Selskabet. (Skrivter af Naturhistorie=Selskabet, 1790)

1795 - Listed in Borgerskabsprotokollen of Copenhagen as "Capitain Peter Poul Ferdinant Mourier blev beskikked til at være Curator for Charles Adolf D: Mourier". (Kbh Stadsarkiv, Borgerskabsregister)

1796 - Moved to Copenhagen, leaving the estate of Aagaard in western Sealand. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 129)

Bought Bjerregaarden in Valby and nearby farms. (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 34)

1801 - Lived in Købmager Kvarter, Matr. 11 (fortsat), 103. (FT1801)

1812-5-8 - Sold Bjerrregården. (Ellen Mourier: Slægten Mourier, p. 34)

Friends with the Hong Merchant Geowqua who lived next door to the Danish factory in Canton. Mourier received letters and a painting from Geowqua even after his return to Denmark. Mourier's son had a copy of the portrait of Geowqua made, which is now in the Chinese pavillion in Frederiksberg Garden. (Lundbæk, 1964, p. 133 & Paul van Dyke)

Stayed in China for a long time and did several trading trips to the Sunda Islands. (DK Dem. Dat.)